Miarmy Crowd 3.2

May 29th, 2014

PhysX Technology

  • Contact and Pin to kinematic object
  • Contact and Pin to other agent
  • Servo force Self Restitute
  • Walk on Same Type Dynamical Agents

Logic and Placement

  • Terrain Color Feeling
  • Terrain Color Gradient 
  • Terrain Color Placement


  • Arbitrary levels Geometry Randomize Control
  • Agent Variable Control Geometry Distribution

Action Tools

  • Phase Based Transition Control

Misc Upgrade

  • Deforming object can be flag and rendered easily, like alembic cache driven object or blend shape driven object
  • Easily get render geometry data including with LOD and frustum culling.
  • Maximum limitation rigid body dynamics speed
  • Placement by percent
  • Some bugs fixed.

Miarmy 3.0 

March 22, 2014

PhysX Technology

  • CCD - Continuous Collision Detection (Continuous Collision Detection (CCD))
  • CCT - Character Controller (Character Controller (CCT))
  • Pin Dynamics for Agent (Pin Dynamics)
  • New Cloth Engine based on PhysX 3.3 (Cloth Simulation)

Render Support

  • Arnold DSO support PhysX Cloth
  • V-Ray DSO support PhysX Cloth
  • V-Ray DSO replace shader (Replace Assets Shader)
  • Render LOD (Level of Details Setup)
  • V-Ray DSO for 3DS MAX (V-Ray to 3ds Max)
  • Global Reseed Control (Global Re-seed Control)
  • Global Geometries Weight Control (Geometry Weight Control)

Real Time Display

  • Real Time Display Intel TBB based Skinning (Real Time Preview)
  • Display for selected Geometries

RBD Emitter

  • Missile + Delete (Rigid Body Contact Event)
  • RBD Indexing Upgrade
  • RBD Collide name check
  • RBD Field Feeling
  • RBD Kinematic Mode (Laser Simulate)
  • Agent emit RBD bomb

Miarmy 2.7

December 11, 2013

Infrastructure Upgrade

  • Compound Bone for dynamics simulation
    • compound for speed up simulation
    • compound for reducing the scatter of complex joint
    • support partial dynamics, detach dynamics, 
  • Servo Force, main use for:
    • Self-restitution
    • try to reach the animated pose after dynamics simulation
    • body dynamics character struggling and being controlled
  • Combo Agent (Master/Slave Channels + Post Placement callback)
    • throw other agents like sword and etc
    • hold other agents like shield and sword
    • ride a horse or others transporter 
  • V-Ray Procedural Primitives
    • Support v-ray standalone
    • Support motion blur
  • Share Brain Decisions
    • share same decision node among different agent types
    • partial sharing
  • RBD Emitter Expanded into:
    • agent can emit bomb
    • agent can emit bullet
    • delete event on the missile system
  • Indexing Cache for speed up simulation on channels including index, like road[id].x, zone[id].in

Small Upgrades and Fixes
  • Individual type modifier in Placement node editor
  • End joint display/hide

Bugs Fixed
  • Physical partial detach, but resume animation pose again.
  • Crash when huge number of agents in placement node
  • Above Maya 2013, crash when Mental Ray conflict with place node

Miarmy 2.5

August 5, 2013

  • Maya Pre/Post command
  • placement better boundary and focusing bbx
  • Can duplicate placement node
  • Save/load logic preset setup tools
  • Character cache middle rig with original name custom attribute
  • Global configuration file and can nesting configuration
  • Character cache export stride make it much faster than before

  • Scale Bone / Scale Agent Cache-able

Logical Simulation:
  • expression total upgrade, can support input channel results
  • aim system rotation limit
  • Probability State machine (engine branch)
  • Keyable Agent Variable
  • formation 2D/3D upgrade channel directly follow
  • Auto collision avoidance, the smallest radius, 2D/3D space
  • Auto collision with dynamically agent scale change auto adaption
  • Path logic can be indexing
  • bome.in channel can feel the bomb generated field

Physical Simulation
  • Missile System, with inertia engaged
  • Gunfight System, contact and disappear
  • Bomber System, automatic generate field with radius, life and force
  • Skin Cluster/PhysX blending simulation
  • Arbitrary shape of kinematic primitive (currently only support simple convex)

  • re-randomize for mesh drive 3.0
  • more advanced randomize textures for mesh drive 3.0 and arnold render, can extended to layered shader
  • image sequence texture

Bugs or Improvements
  • brain viewer data feedback improved

Miarmy 2.2

 4, 2013

  • place from particles (texture & brush, and mel etc...)
  • blend active visualize in transition map
  • nParticle-placement with translate and scale match
  • nParticle/particle-follow
  • nParticle Follow Orientation Gradual Aim
  • Decision node add ranging graphic

  • Scale infrustructure
  • Action blend and Action layer rewrote and upgrade to more accurate result
  • IK System upgrade and re-programed.
  • abosolute mode min/max value in fuzzy node

Logical Simulation:
  • mp/hp, no default when value mode
  • input channel translate.x (yz) rotate.x (yz)
  • sound.self.f channel return the self sound frequence
  • brain variable can create variable like HP/MP when simulation
  • Expression calculate and support (almost all channels)
  • Agent variable assign when placement
  • group variable
  • formation follow channel (ftp.follow)
  • action phase channel 
  • uvPin pin to geometry
  • uvPin Smooth Normal technique
  • SOAS 1.2 hear only from front people and more accurate
  • 3d road
  • bi-directional road (reverse road)
  • agentScale channel output used in uniformally scale
  • Sound Doppler channel: sound.sp<k> for get relative speed in x, y, z directions

Physical Simulation
  • PhysX Substep Engine Upgrade, make below result MUCH accurate:
    • body dynamics
    • fast collide with fast moving kinematic objects and agents
    • partial dynamics like horse tail

  • Hide List for Placement
  • Hide List for Mesh Drive 3.0 (for hide useless agent)
  • randomize texture for mental ray proxy
  • randomize texture for arnold render

Miarmy 2.0

 18, 2013

Miarmy Professional 2.0

Solver Engine

Action to Agent upgraded to memory to memory mapping technology, extreme fast
Intel TBB Based all channel inputs
Indexing the channels make faster decision parsing 
Intelligence action data reuse mechanism
Intelligence Scene data collector and updater
Engine Middle Data Expanded to index technique and sub channels
Automatically enable/disable feedback

PhysX Engine
Body - Body Collision Detection Much Much faster
RBD - Body Collision Detection much faster
Cloth Generation Speed is much faster
Cloth Optimized with better simulation result
Intelligence Pre-RBD Bone Generator
Visual feedback for Pre-RBD Bone

Action Engine:
Action Layer & Partial Blending
Blend Group (just like action group)
Partial Blending Bones (Action Layer Overlap)
Blend Channels More Easy to use

Mesh Drive:
Put to render farm directly without commands, just like a normal Maya file. With layer or re-assigned shader
3~5 Times Faster drive speed than Drive Mesh 2.0
Save more than 30% memory (Need restart Maya)
Export Alembic Cache, Maya Geometry Cache Directly & Correctly
Save scene directly, even with tons thousands of geometries, no hard disk needed (Procedural Geometries)

Other Render Engine

Renderman Procedural Primitive is about 3 times faster than before

Arnold Procedural Primitives is about 2 times faster than before.

All Procedural Program Open Source


Independent Brain Viewer

Independent Transition Map

Better Toolbar

Better Menu Arrangement

Brain Viewer can watch more details for each sentence


Geometry render visibility/hide control

Bone translate assign blocker, after cache, fix depart problem!

Fixed Issue:

Rib cannot export transparency map

Miarmy 1.7

November 8, 2012

Miarmy Professional 1.7

Basic distributable simulation & cache merge

Placer boundary Visual

Geometry choose weighting

Renderman RIB, optional for culling

Single cache 

FBX exporter from Single Cache

create place from polygon and lattice (formation)

pos lock type placement, lock position, can change proportion, orientation, etc

random by agent id

RBD data accessor

RBD Render instance drive

Arbitrary Mesh Surface Adapting

can mark our useless agent after caching (auto rebuild cache)

faster method export RIB using pp 2 times faster

place locator can be tweak individually

same type agent can block collide checking

randomize pick transition action (previous, is first one)

random entry for default action

agent momentum inertia factor control

each bone/segment density can be specified

master family channels, master -> slave relationship feeling chain

master channel visiual indicator

mesh drive 2 for cloth available

auto IK system, any IK segment num, any axis & 2 types of up Vec

Arnold Renderer procedural primitive .ass file exporting

Arnold Render procedural primitive Open source (Only for customers and Arnold User)

switch off the custom data hookup

mesh drive extend to MR proxy and VR proxy exporting.

noise.id(<floatseed>) noise.time(<floatseed>)

bone(footprint) locators generator, with anim/dyn visibility switch

mesh drive block saving switch

timer channels (agent seed, frequency, ping-pong playback, etc)

noise nodes, noise time frequency

action weight can make some actions have bigger chance been choose in action group

agent cache extended to parent channel, can transform space

Kinematic Primitive Shape Update Switch in Physics Global

Decision Output Filtering, can smooth the output logic relative previous frame

Wild card on action exit choices

RBD Cache

Output Filter

Miarmy Commander 1.7

Action Sync System

    action signal emitting,

    action signal receiving

    auto synchronization

Traffic Module 1.0

    crossroad system

    red/green light

    left/right turning control

    3/4 socket road control

Formation Control

    2d/3d formation target

    verticle and horizontal and distance feeling

Agent emit RBD based on action phase

Fixed Issue:

Rib cannot export transparency map

mesh drive 1 & 2 can be used in referencing mode

isSelfCollide not in memory

rand texture for batch mode (hypeshade command)

agent id display is from place id

collide channel not work when partial break

random ".tex" format in .slo and .sdl

save callback MDGGrp_*, cannot save scene

blend pop (precision, lead main action 0.95, shrink)

faster bake bone (only on r, when cache t, on r and t)

curve creation bug, with same name

RBD + multi kinematic primitive bug

mesh drive duplicating, driving and registering updata percent bugs

mesh drive duplicated meshes auto parent to MDGGRPMASTER

mesh drive bug when naming not fixe by Maya prefix

mesh drive bug when duplicate but not auto rename.


uniform random tex in single shader (color, trans, ect)

custom data number hook on original agent

custom data registered when place agent

custom data drive by action also but not re-allocate memory

Miarmy 1.5

July 28, 2012



* Referencing & Namespace Pipeline

* Command line Simulation & Exporting RIBs

* (Command line MEL Open Source for modifying anything)

* Alembic Cache Support

* Bake to Bone (and can be extended to FBX)

* MEL/Python get simulation data fast and directly


* Mesh Drive 2.0 (support whatever render engine, procedural primitive, in Maya Viewport or batch mode render) can go render farm!

* Mental Ray archive Support

* V-Ray archive Support

* Renderman Procedural Primitive (Open Source for Customers)

* Prman Rib Export, support .slo for custom Shader

* Viewport Procedural Primitive Render (3delight currently)

* Renderman Ray trace shadow

* Renderman extra Rib Attribute (internal or custom)

* Hierarchical Subdivision Mesh

Animation Engine:

* Story List (Logic Drivable Action Proxy List)

* Randomize Entry Points for Action stepping in

* Action Node can hook custom attribute (facial and deformers) been passed to simulation and cache

* Action node can be re-use if bone added (for example some weapons)

* IK & IK-lock in world system

* Bypass simulation for some bones, speed up

* Action Group many new handy channels (choose one of group, group rate, for input)


* Polygon Based placement

* Selection Placement (only place from selection)

* Randomize Row/Column for curve and formation placement

* Visualize placement

* Skip flag can used to bypass individual instance

Human Logic Engine:

* Parent channel, transform space

* MEL/Python source in Logic Channels

* Sine, Noise Channels

* IK & Hold Channels

* Arbitrary Aim Axis and Up Vector

* Lean Channels

* Repel/Forbidden Zone, automatic repel agents

* flow filed can be indexed


* Visualize HP, MP Bar

* Visualize Action Transition

* Bounding box display

Physical Engine:

* PhysX 3.2 integration complete

* Better Joint Handler and 100% accurate physical limits.

* Aggregate Self-Collide Disable (Extreme speed up!!)

* Joint Move Inertia

* More realistic Cloth Simulation and Cloth Collision

* Rigid Body Emitter, interactive with agent, field, fluid, ground, etc…

* Rigid Body Contact and Leave to Agent

* Agent Bone Particle Emitter (Action Phase based)

* Disable sub-tree simulation (skip finger and toes etc)


* Feet Map Generator

* Easy control transition Map Move Tool 

* Select root bone for creating original agent

* New Icons GUIs and Toolbar

Bugs Fixed:

* Crash when loading Miarmy in some cases

* Crash more than 33700 agents

* Crash when multi-type of agents with clothes

* Road not displayed correct on big slope terrain

* Re-write the animation engine now the cycle action will use “cycle filter” and transition action will use “transition in/out” in any situation.

* The rate of blend action not correct.

OpenGL cannot display agent more than 32 level, now fixed

Joint limit now is 100% accurate

Random texture not stable

Agent exclusion technology cause crash in some cases

Agent Movement speed data is 100% accurate now.

* Many rate channels but only one works

* Aggregate crash when more than 128 bones

* The Joint order cause incorrect, re-write action node generate process

* Crash when not have UV

Miarmy 1.2

Basefount 1 year anniversary, February 14, 2012


Major Update

* Physx 3.1 integration complete
* Physical simulation is faster and much more flexiable
* Linux + Windows code unify, get rid of glut library
* Render Pipeline for easy exporting and deformation motion blur
* Mesh Drive

* Full Manual (230+ Pages) Availabe
Features in Detail
* Miarmy Pro for Linux Available (Red Hat 5.5)
* PhysX 3.1: independent cloth simulation, at least 100 times faster, 5000+ clothes OK
* PhysX 3.1: Aggregate for ragdoll instead of N broad phase
* PhysX 3.1: no up limit for dynamic agents, 5000+ agents on Average Home PC
* Mesh Drive: agents can be rendered in Maya by arbitrary renderer
* Mesh Drive: agents can be interactive displayed viewport 2.0
* Miarmy Cache, real time feedback after cache
* Agent Exclusion in Sound and Vision Channel
* Agent filtered Sound and Vision Channel, faster and more accurate
* Noise Channel by Agent ID and time
* Aim Channel, Gradually Aim, Self-restitute, percentage
* Physical joint setup changed, more accurate
3delight Renderer:
* Rewrite agent render session
* Agent deformation motion blur (need Agent Cache)
* Transparency shader and map
* Port for getting render data
* Copy Skinned Geometry to Original Agent
* Easy get info from script for porting to proprietary render pipeline
* UV bugs remind
Known issue:
* Cloth is not very realistic due to PhysX unfinished
* Partial dynamics and body dynamics bugs from PhysX

Miarmy 1.1
October 25, 2011 
New Stuffs Added:
* Renderer upgraded to 3delight 10 (old: 3delight 9) Free to download.
* hp and mp randomize
* hp.set and mp.set channels added for setting hp or mp in "change rate" mode
* joinWorld on solver space, let agent can feel the perception object in world space
* joinWorld on solver space, let agent can feel each other even in diff Solver space
* Texture randomzie the same as Geometry Randomize
* Color channel for output
* Sound channel for output
* Multi cam for 3d stereo render
* Block duplicate McdPlace node
* (Script) Select every skin bone
* (Script) Import Standard Bone for mocap
Bug fix:
* Any playback frame rate is OK
* Brain View not display correct when normal decision node without input
* Crash if there is only fluid exist
* last bone cannot scale
* (script) texture convert error

Miarmy 1.0
June 22, 2011 

Perception and Logic
  • Human Logic
  • Convenient hierarchy priority arrangement
  • Decision node inside priority arrangement and operation expression
  • Decision Editor
  • Automatically Decrease Intelligence Mechanism (disable sound, vision)
  • Brain Viewer
  • Vision
  • Sound
  • Terrain
  • Road and flow field
  • Bound
  • Spot
  • Zone
  • HP(hit point) & MP(mana point)
  • Maya Field (can be applied to physics)
  • Maya Fluid (can be applied to physics)
  • Wind (can be applied to physics)
  • 8 kinds of Collide Check
  • Force Multiplier
Animation and Action
  • Action Editor (without curve editing)
  • Action transition (simple, proxy, map, 3 approaches)
  • Action blending
  • Action choice exits
  • Action Map Editor Viewport
  • Final action
  • Action feedback
  • Agent Transform Curve Edit
  • Agent Transform Curve Rotatio
  • Referencing Support
  • Scene assets arrangement
  • Agent group for managing agent
  • Bounding box for agent display and rendering
  • Naming convention check
  • Exclusive non-connection in entire workflow
Setup and Skinning
  • OneRig Free Creature Pipeline toolkit
  • Support any kind of skinning method in Maya
  • Support Autodesk Motionbuilder, Human IK, FBIK mocap pipeline 
  • Mopcap data re-target support
  • Preset free creature and action
  • Mental Ray Support
  • V-Ray Support 
  • 3delight based Renderman plug-in
  • Export RIB/Archive
  • Support simple Maya shader
  • Customizable Renderman Surface and displacement shader
  • Support Maya Skinning and any kind of setup
  • Build-in shadow, Occlusion, Depth, one-click render
  • Subd Mesh Supported
  • Support Maya light and shadow
  • Easy Random Creature geometry and suit
  • Easy Random Creature texture
  • Motion blur for geometry and camera
  • Motion blur for agents
  • Support Matte render
  • Splitting rendering for breaking heavy RIB bottleneck
  • Diversity placement tools
  • Auto parenting
  • Easy proportion assignment
  • Global anti-overlapping check and auto fix
  • Inverse placement
  • Hierarchy placement (with transform)
  • MEL and Python scriptable placement data
Physics (PhysX based)
  • Visable and easy dynamic joint setup pipeline
  • Agent and bone collision detection
  • Smart collide and counter force apply
  • Agent forward kinematic dynamics
  • Full body dynamics (rag doll)
  • Partial bone chain dynamics
  • Breakable bone chain dynamics
  • Body (controllable) dynamics
  • Kinematics primitive collision detection
  • Kinematics primitive interactive with agent
  • Cloth Simulation and attachment
  • Dynamic mute
  • Multi movable and deformable terrains
  • Wind, push, pull, vortex force field
  • Maya Field and Fluid
  • Dynamic contents debug viewer node