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Miarmy Commander

Miarmy Commander (Cmd) is the solution extension package of Miarmy Professinoal (Pro), which currently contain some extensions on Battle and Traffic Modules, future it will contain Vehicle, Gunfight, Weapon Modules etc...

Miarmy Cmd's features will be integrated to Miarmy Pro, and any customer of Miarmy Pro can directly use the features of Miarmy Cmd with the license of Miarmy Pro for FREE.

Also and always, all the Features of Miarmy Cmd also will be integrated to Miarmy Express (Exp) for downloading for FREE forever.


Miarmy Traffic Solution

Crossroad System
With crossroad system, user can just simply define some hubs and roads, and use some simple fuzzy logic node to create the complex traffic/city system.
  • Automatic build inside path
  • Non-proxy, fuzzy logic traffic channels, priority enable
  • 3 or 4 sockets optional
  • socket direction controllable
  • left-right in-out select-able
  • traffic light period definable
  • Traffic Logic (traffic.x, traffic.enter, traffic.green, traffic.ox)
Hubs with 4 sockets & 3 sockets

traffic system

Miarmy Battle Solution

Obj-Subj Action Synchronization (OSAS)
Define the Objective and Subjective actions relationship firstly, then just use a very simple output "tell" channels, agent can tell the nearby agent what is himself doing (action). And the agent which receive this message can know the sync info, if logic active, it can perform the corresponding objective action and try to synchronize it automatically.
  • Objective Subjective Action Pairing Define
  • Sync Channels (tell, hear, tell:X, hear:X)

Agent RBD Emitter
The RBD Emitter can be defined to action phase related and the agent can emit the RBD Object from it's bone. It allow the user is able to extremely easy create archer, cannon like agents also the RBD object can interactive with other agents and kinematic objects.
  • Action Phase Bone emit chance manager
  • RBD Cache with Agent Cache
action-phase-bone based RBD Emitter

Formation 2D/3D Control
With formation targeting techniques, user can easily use the "Mesh" or "Lattice" and some fuzzy logic channels to simulation any formation transformation and deformation both in 2D and 3D space.
  • Placer from mesh or lattice
  • Placer ID hook target ID mesh or lattice
  • Digital Marker of lattice and mesh points
  • ftp family channels (ftp.x, ftp.d, ftp.y)
2D formation
3D formation

Future of Miarmy Commander
  • Rigid vehicle, 
  • More complex traffic, 
  • Gunfight system, 
  • Weapon defined event, cannon, missile