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Miarmy 1.5.8 & Miarmy Commander

About Miarmy Commander
Miarmy Commander (Cmd) is the solution extension package of Miarmy Professinoal (Pro), which currently contain some extensions on Battle and Traffic Modules, future it will contain VehicleGunfightWeapon Modules etc... 

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Special New features in Miarmy 1.5.8 & Miarmy Commander

Single Character Cache
Single character cache transform the entire scene agent cache to each individual bone cache for driving the "Original Agent" or "Middle Rig", user can bind nCloth, Fur, Hair, Muscle, Soft Body, Dynamic Tails etc to Original Agent and export these render contents for creature FX creation.

Traffic Module
With crossroad system, user can just simply define some hubs and roads, and use some simple fuzzy logic node to create the complex traffic/city system.

Automatically IK System
Auto IK system can make agent feet avoid from penetrating in terrain automatically. For example, when you simulate some spiders walking on the uneven terrain.

Agent RBD Emitter
The RBD Emitter can be defined to action phase related and the agent can emit the RBD Object from it's bone. It allow the user is able to extremely easy create archer, cannon like agents also the RBD object can interactive with other agents and kinematic objects.

Master Channel
Each agent can be assigned to a master agent, and also can create a relation tree hierarchy, and this feature let user simulate each agent's pets easily

Timer, Noise, family Channels
timer and ping-pong timer, noise, sine etc channels available now for make your scene more variable!

Action Weight can simulation some rare action
If there are many actions in action group but some actions are rarely to perform, now you can weight them and decrease the chance of them been chosen in action group.

Output Filter
This feature can smooth the output logic result mixed some percents with the previous frame

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Geometry Channel
Using geometry channel, we can let our agents adapt any shape of geometry surface with logic control also enabled. We can simulate ants on arbitrary terrain of spider on the ceiling.

Action Synchronization
Define the Objective and Subjective actions relationship firstly, then just use a very simple output "tell" channels, agent can tell the nearby agent what is himself doing (action). And the agent which "hear" this message can know the sync info, if logic active, it can perform the corresponding objective action and try to synchronize subjective action automatically.

Formation Control
With formation targeting techniques, user can easily use the "Mesh" or "Lattice" and some fuzzy logic channels to simulation any formation transformation and deformation both in 2D and 3D space.

Mesh Drive 2.0 Support Cloth Now
MD2 Cache now support cloth simulation, one can easily use any type of render in render farm with Mesh drive 2.0 now 

Arnold Render
We provide an Arnold Render stand-in exporter which can write .ass file into a Procedural Primitive form, then you can use Arnold Render directly render your agents in Maya.

Agent Cache extend to Parent Space
Using parent channel to transfer the transform when simulating, now these transform can be stored in agent space now

RBD Emitter Cache
RBD objects can be cached and became real time playback object now. Also the multi contact Kinematic Primitive bugs been fixed now and 

Improved placer 
placer now can mark out agent after cache, also can tweak one locator individually in Placement Editor.