The Better Miarmy 2.0
The New Miarmy 2.0 Brings Stronger and Faster Infrastructure

The Better Engine
  • Action to Agent upgraded to memory to memory mapping technology, extreme fast
  • Intel TBB Based all channel inputs
  • Indexing the channels make faster decisions parsing 
  • Intelligence action data reuse mechanism
  • Intelligence scene data collector and updater
  • Engine Middle Data Expanded to index technique and sub channels
  • Automatically enable/disable feedback

The Better Physical Infrastructure
  • Body - Body Collision Detection much faster
  • RBD - Body Collision Detection much faster
  • Cloth Generation Speed is much faster
  • Cloth Optimized with better simulation result
  • Intelligence Pre-RBD Bone Generator
  • Visual feedback for Pre-RBD Bone

The Better Action Layer & Blend Engine
  • Multi-Action Blend One
  • Blend Group (just like action group)
  • Partial Blending Bones (Action Layer Overlap)
  • Blend Channels More Easy to use

Action Layer and Partial Blending Engine

Blend Group

Multi Blend

The Better Mesh Drive 3.0
  • Support All Renderers!!
  • Put to render farm directly without commands, just like a normal Maya file. With layer or re-assigned shader
  • 3~5 Times faster drive speed than Drive Mesh 2.0
  • Save more than 30% memory (Need restart Maya)
  • Export Alembic Cache, Maya Geometry Cache Directly & Correctly
  • Save scene directly, even with tons thousands of geometries, no hard disk needed (Procedural Geometries)

directly render maya file with Miarmy Agent by All Renderers

The Better Render Support
  • Renderman Procedural Primitive is about 3 times faster than before (due to middle data store)
  • Arnold Procedural Primitives is about 3 times faster than before (due to binary data read and middle data store)
  • Renderman and Arnold Procedural Program Open Source

The Better GUI
  • Independent Brain Viewer
  • Independent Transition Map
  • Better Toolbar
  • Better Menu Arrangement
  • Brain Viewer can watch more details

independent Brain Viewer and Transition Map

More feedback information (each channel result)

Miarmy in 2013
  • With the stronger infrastructure, we can develop the new features more fast
  • This year, there are more than 100 new features will be developed and most of them are based on the customers' needs!