Miarmy 2.7 Releasing
Infrastructure Major Upgrade

  • Miarmy 2.7 is infrastructure improvement version, not only rendering, but also logic and PhysX Engine 
  • Miarmy 3.0 is coming Feb-2014, and there will be A LOT OF new features!! and a stunning DEMO.

New Features & Infrastructure

1. V-Ray Procedural Primitives
With V-Ray Procedural Primitive DSO, we can render a huge number of agents in some minutes, also along with the other elements in your scene such as FX particles/fluids, and other scene geometries. All the geometries are calculated on the render time and it just need export a tiny description file. Additionally, we can render the scene on render farm without loading Miarmy.
Note: currently Miarmy already supports Arnold Procedural, RenderMan Procedural and Maya Procedural (Mesh Drive 3.0 system)
V-Ray Render 40000 agents in 8 minutes (click and enlarge)

2. Compound Bones Physical Simulation
With the Miarmy Compound Bones Infrastructure, no matter how complex the bone tree structure of your character, we can get a good result of physical simulation. Suppose your character contain a lot of tiny and complex parts or bones such as fingers or tentacles, we can combine those bones together into a big bone, and make the physical simulation faster, non-problematic and more realistic.
Also, this feature has been expanded to collision detection, partial dynamics, cloth, detach-able dynamics, RBD emitter checking and all RBD system.
Compound Bone Example

3. Servo Force Drive Joint Model
Servo force simulates the internal forces from agents itself. Instead of simple rag-doll "dead man", servo force simulate the muscle force and it can drive your agent to target animated pose after the agents enabling dynamics. And it can achieve more lifelike internal/external spontaneous physical simulation, such as some agents falling and struggling from cliff, self-restitution. Click below videos and check the results we can achieve by servo force.
(Body dynamics, struggling, and self-restitution)
servo force examples

4. Combo Agent
With Combo Agent tools, one agent can grab/hold/throw other agents. For example, “Sword” and “Shield” are 2 types of agents, and they can be fetch/hold/throw from “Man” agent, also this “Man” agent can be attached to the “Horse” Agent, they can be link altogether and interactive with each other freely, just using our master/slave channels.
combo agent throw weapons example

combo agent rider example

5. RBD Emitter Expanded
Agent can emit bomb and bullet-like RBD, so you can use it simulate wizard emit some magic and blast agents or you can simulate agent emit laser. Also Missile system can use the “delete” event to simulate the massively laser shots and hit the agents down.
RBD Emitter New Features

6. Share Brain Infrastructure
Different agent types with different bone structures and actions can share some same decisions. This can save you a lot of time if you’re making many different types of agents but the similar logic, like avoid each other, adapt terrain etc. Additionally, this kind of sharing is partially implemented, more specifically, it means except some common decisions shared among agent types, we can still make some unique logic decisions for each specific agent type.
share same logic among different species, partially

7. Upgrade engine for indexing techniques
The channels with indexing techniques, like “bound[x].in” and “spot[y].d”, have been accelerated in this release, which can make the simulation several times faster based on the decision and the sentences number of this agent. Because those channels might be used frequently in many cases, this upgrade can save a lot of time of your simulation.

Small Upgrades and Fixes
  • Reseed texture Manger
  • Individual type modifier in Placement node editor
  • End joint display/hide

Bugs Fixed
  • Physical partial detach, but resume animation pose again.
  • Crash when huge number of agents in placement node
  • Above Maya 2013, crash when Mental Ray conflict with place node

Miarmy In Recent Productions

Miarmy Crowd has been chosen by more than 50 companies, and many of them are very famous like Dexter Digital, Disney TV Animation, Square Enix, Prasad EFX, CGCG Inc, Digital Frontiers, see moremainly used in films, animation and game cinematics. With Miarmy, artists or TDs are able to easily bring digital characters to life. It recently helped some projects create hundreds of shots, such as following

     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BvKZMg2LjU       http://www.basefount.com/gallery/mr-go-3d       http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1717715/       http://movie.douban.com/trailer/141471/#content       

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