Demo of Anymuster Beast Attack!!

Miarmy 2.2 Special New Features

Release Notes

1. PhysX Substep System Improve

Miarmy PhysX major problem resolved and all stunning features are now more accurate and stable, these features including body dynamics, fast collide, partial dynamics like horse tail setup, and collision between kinematic agent and dynamic agents. Here we attached some pictures for reviewing these features

Particle or expression controlled agents with dynamics

Fast collide by cars or some giant feet

Partial, dynamics and horse tail setup is also calculated more accurate

2. Expression Channel
Input channel supports inserting other channel now, user can involve the regular channel name as the variable into regular Python/MEL channels and make much more flexibility. For example one can pass the agent ID into a python function run some programs and then fetch the result to the channel input.

Expression controlled agents

3. Scale Animation Engine
Stretch and squash bone can be achieved as easy as pie. Due to some high end requirements, we fully integrated the “Scale” of bone into the action engine. Miarmy now supports scale bone animation, rig with scale and also uniformly scale by Agent Scale channel. All the agent cache, character cache and render system now support scale

scale animation agent

4. Particles/nParticle Extension
Maya particle is a very important infrastructural feature, now our agents can place from particles and following the movement of particle smoothly. For placement, users can generate the particles from brush or texture map and then place agents from particles. Whereas for simulation, users can easily arrange the logic setup, and control when and how the agents need to follow their own particle targets.
Except channels, agents now can be controlled indirectly by all particle based tools like field, expressions, ect

Place from particles

Smooth follow particles (Courtesy of Thana from Luma Pictures)

5. UV Pin Mesh Constrain
With UV map coordinate plus geometry constrain, we can pin our agents onto the deforming geometries when simulation and keep all logic function available, this is very helpful for simulating something like spider crawling on the moving/deforming human body.

Agents are pinned onto the deforming mesh surface

6. 3D Roads/Paths
A brand new 3D path perception content available now. Agents now can follow the path into to the 3d space. Or when the agents are crawling on the vertical cliff, we still can assign the path of them.

Indexing based 3d path perception and follow

7. Better Action Sync for Fight
Subjective Objective Action Synchronization system has been upgraded, now the agent can only communicate with the front and nearest agents, and this can make the sync result much precise and trustable.

Better Action Synchronization System

action sync demo (click and watch)

8. Bi-directional Road
Road perception system now upgraded to bi-directional one, we can easily use reverse road channel “rroad” to make the agent follow the inverse directional of road and make the road bi-directional one. One can easier to create and control the street pedestrian bi-directional movement scene.

Bi-directional Road Channels

9. Variable Features
Brain Variables allow user create some variables when simulation running and make the created variables be the input of any other logic node. Similar like the HP/MP system of Miarmy but brain variable is more flexible and user customizable.
Agent variables allow user assign the variable when placement and use this variable as the random seed to do many other task.

10. Relative Speed Channels
For some advanced collision avoidance behavioral controls, we need to know the relative speed of nearby agents. With sound speed channels, we can check whether there are other agents approaching or leaving from current agent and how much the speed and what the direction of them.

11. Improved GUI

Fuzzy Range Display

Blend Action Display